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Update for Thursday, October 8th, 2015

Castle Roland is Proud to Present New Stories by our Resident Authors

Continuing Chapters From Our Resident Authors

  • Arthur


    Chapter 2

  • Bill W

    A Place In My Heart

    My Special Friend

    Chapter 2

  • Charles Bird

    The Glory Years

    The Wolf Folk, Book IV

    Chapter 4

  • ChowHound

    Three Finger Cove - Robert

    Book II

    Chapter 23

  • Cynus


    Chapter 18

  • David Spowart

    Well That was Unexpected

    Book II

    Chapter 15

  • DJ Thomas


    Chapter 12

  • Jandar Tyr

    The Dragons of Keanna

    The Brace of Terra

    Chapter 15

  • Jeikor

    From Trick To Treat

    Chapter 11

  • Maxieplus

    Ask Me

    Chapter 4

  • MultiMapper


    Monumental Ambitions
    Part of the Revolutions Universe

    Chapter 37

  • Sahypo

    The Apprentice

    Chapter 9

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