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Special Anniversary Update for Thursday, April 28th, 2016

Castle Roland is Thrilled to Announce an Extended Revolutions Universe Chapter

  • Kyle Aarons

    Geek Squad

    Part of the Revolutions Universe

    Chapter 19 parts "c", "d" and "e"

Castle Roland is Proud to Present New Stories from our Resident Authors

  • D'Artagnon

    The Diary of Alex the Great

    Blog Excerpt Number One

    Chapter 1

  • MultiMapper

    The Other

    Chapters 1 & 2

Continuing Chapters From Our Resident Authors

  • Arthur

    Drummer Boy

    Drum Corporal Marking Shows His Mettle

    Chapter 3

  • Arthur

    The Prince of House Vladd

    Chapter 17

  • Bill W

    Sword of Kings: Tested by Adversity

    The Desolation of Evil

    Chapter 8

  • ChowHound

    Three Finger Cove - Robert

    Book II

    Chapter 52

  • Cynus

    From the Cup of the Worthless

    Chapter 17

  • David Lee


    Chapters 44 & 45

  • DJ Thomas


    Chapter 32

  • Driver

    The Quarry

    Chapter 7

  • Gary Conder

    The Odd One Out

    Chapter 6

  • Hammy

    31st Century

    Chapter 11

  • Jandar Tyr

    The Dragons of Keanna Book II

    Dark Dreams

    Chapter 19

  • Jeikor

    From Trick To Treat

    Chapter 21

  • Maxieplus

    Ask Me

    Book II

    Chapter 8

  • Parker Sheaffer

    Mountains of Memories

    Chapter 21

  • Rick Beck

    The Gulf Between Us

    Boy to Man

    Chapter 29

  • Tigerpaw

    Can You Spare A Quarter

    Taking Flight

    Chapter 6

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