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Happy Halloween!

Castle Roland's Halloween Story Competition 2014 was a resounding success!  Ten Halloween themed stories were submitted and the forum members have voted. Stay tuned for our Halloween Special Update at Midnight tonight. We will announce the winners and we have a couple of older Halloween stories some of our Resident Authors want to share with you.

1, 2 - It's coming for you…  3, 4 - You better lock the door…  5, 6 - Grab your Crucifix…  7, 8 - Better stay up late…  9, 10 - Never sleep again!

Fifty years of darkness, blood raining from the skies, the dead rising from the grave... dogs and cats, living together... MASS HYSTERIA!

Our Halloween Special is here.
With a flare of Charm and Fear.

Special Halloween 2014 Update!

Castle Roland's Halloween Story Competition 2014 was tied with 2 Winners!

Continuing Chapters From Our Resident Authors

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